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Greymouse Newsletter for March

Published by: Greymouse Marketing | 30 March, 2022

Fasten your seatbelts for the best month yet for the first quarter of the year 2022. Can you count how many celebrations we had for March?

Success in the business comes when business owners have found the right people to accomplish nearly everything for them— which leaves them to focus on the key business functions. You should not get hung up on doing everything yourselves, you can outsource some tasks to save your time, effort and cost.

As Greymouse grows, so do our employees. We are always so grateful for our team members who are celebrating their work anniversaries. Their contribution is always appreciated.

Guess who turned a year older this month? Here are the employees who celebrated their birthdays this March!

March turned out to be the best month yet for everyone. We celebrated women empowerment, we took time to enjoy ourselves and appreciate each other and more.

Happy International Women’s Day!
Let’s continue to be there for each other and remember to lift another woman or girl up today and every day.

This year our International Women’s Day is extra special as one of our clients Tien Te from Lowes- Ezy-Way Division is with us celebrating this wonderful day.

Despite a few cases of a Covid-19, and most of the team members working from home we managed to have a small gathering in person to celebrate Women’s Day with afternoon tea.

Greymouse Philippines had a team building activity and a celebration of tribute & farewell for Shobna as well as welcoming newly hired employees and the 8th year of Greymouse in the Philippines after being reunited with the team for two years.

We celebrated the employee work anniversary of Ines, Jonalyn, and Roxanne with cake, chocolates, and vouchers! Your work ethics are commendable, and so are you as an inspiring individual. Kudos to your incredible years of work!

Janis is our Employee of the Month. She is from the Techie Team. Your effort is deeply, deeply appreciated Janis.

Holi, known as the Festival of Colours, is a great time to break the ice, rekindle relationships, and bond with those you care about through the use of color.
Together with our team members, we celebrated the Holi Festival with colors and snacks to welcome the spring season with joy, happiness, and goodness!

We really appreciate when clients let us know that we are doing great.

Happiness is what you make it!

Being happy in your business should be your default state. The environment that you’re in, whether it’s good or bad, should not dictate your own happiness.

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In life, we need balance— a time to work and a time to rest, a time to focus on your business, and a time to delegate some of your workloads to us.

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