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Philippines Team

Greymouse Philippines is located in Legazpi City, Philippines. It started its operations in September 2013. This team was originally created to support Fiji operations but it thrived through the country’s pool of talents fitted for the BPO industry. It allowed Greymouse to expand its offerings to its Australian market.

Today GM-Philippines has its own IT Department and Personal Assistance (PA) Department. It is also home to the company’s Marketing & Techie Department. It is also currently providing web development, software testing services, and chat support services to one of the biggest software companies in Australia, operating under GM’s Virtual Branch arrangement.

The Philippines Team specialises in the American and Western accent, complementing the Fiji Team’s Australian and South Pacific Accents.

Philippines Team - Greymouse

We provide our clients with the ability to expand their operations, human capital and resources across different time zones and geographical regions.

Greymouse is a Virtual Human Resource provider founded by Australian entrepreneurs Kelvin Davis and Marisa Wiman in 2005. Greymouse has since then consistently provided businesses with high quality, time-sensitive and cost effective services through off-shoring facilities based in Suva, Fiji Islands and Legazpi City, Philippines.

Way back in 2002, the word ‘outsourcing’ was considered a jargon for a non-existent industry. It was Kelvin and Marisa who started to explore the possibility of starting a company built around Internet connectivity. More than a decade later, Greymouse’s journey as one of the top virtual workforce provider in the world was ambitious, but with purpose and determination as the key in conquering boundaries, the virtual workforce was able to deliver their services to the clients wherever they are at the speed of Google.

Greymouse works at a socially-conscious level. We are more than just a business. Our purpose is to alleviate poverty through transformational employment. We make this possible by taking a proactive role in the personal and professional development of our team members and honing their skills in line with global standards.


Greymouse gives entrepreneurs and business owners FREEDOM in their lives.

We do this by releasing the business owner from mundane tasks, leveraging virtual workforce to allow focus in performing key business functions. Greymouse supplies a customer service experience that exceeds world standards, delighting and exciting our clients and building long-term relationships with them.


Together, we shall achieve our Vision by using technologies and world-class talents in delivering a customer service experience built on excellence and trust.

Listening to our client’s needs, we cement an unbreakable bond by continually learning and adapting to ensure our clients’ business success.

We will complete our clients’ work on time with accuracy, dedication and personal ownership of the tasks, duties and responsibilities.

We will delight our clients by consistently and reliably actioning and responding to their needs and wants. We do this by communicating quickly and efficiently through all points of contact.

Our Story

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Our Culture

Our culture is built around values we consider vital in our daily interaction with our teams and clients. THE MICE HAVEN makes us unique – an identity that sets our brand of service apart.

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Greymouse Haven - Motivated
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Who is Marisa Wiman - Greymouse

Who is Marisa Wiman?

Marisa is regarded as the brains behind Greymouse. In 2002, she developed the idea of a 24/7 IT and virtual workforce provider fuelled by the power of the Internet. In 2005, that idea became Greymouse Virtual Services.

Marisa’s solid business Systems and Information Technology experience includes creation of support channels, data processing, quality assurance, helpdesk contact centres, sales/business development, and service delivery within Australia and overseas. Marisa has broad experience in developing and implementing Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and in creating benchmarks others constantly strive to achieve.

Marisa has sound business management skills developed through exposure to international business and corporate compliance systems from Europe, Australia, and the South Pacific region.

Excellence in customer service is her main drive and she constantly keeps in touch with the teams in Fiji and the Philippines to make sure that the services are done effectively and efficiently.

Marisa is also regarded as the heart of Greymouse. The company is built on an advocacy – alleviate poverty through transformational jobs. Marisa believes in the idea that people who are facing difficult odds in life like people living in poverty make very motivated professionals.

Through Greymouse she is bridging a pool of highly motivated and skilled talent with Australia-based businesses that are looking for more cost-efficient human capitalization options.

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