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Get timely tips in hiring, motivating, managing and maximising your Virtual Assistants with The Outsourcing Queen herself, Marisa Wiman.

Get empowered with relevant lessons on VA retention while building a solid relationship with your virtual workforce. All these and more with the Greymouse Virtual Assistant Academy.

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GREYMOUSE | Client Testimonial

Client testimonials were integral to our growth and success as we are always keen to know what our client needs and how we can be of great service. As we celebrate our 17th anniversary tomorrow, we share this testimonial from a client as she shares …

It Started With An Idea | Greymouse Since 2005

As Greymouse marked its 17 years in the business, Marisa recounts the challenges and great lessons that shaped Greymouse into becoming what it is now— a company that does not only help businesses succeed but also promotes its advocacy on poverty alle…

The Struggle Behind | Greymouse Since 2005

It wasn't easy from the start. With so much to put through, Marisa and Kel nearly gave up until an opportunity arrived. Take a look at the tough challenges Greymouse went through and how they were able to recover.

Greymouse Turns 17 | Message from Marisa and Kelvin

It all started with an idea— a commitment to empower people through life-changing employment. Let us hear from the founders of Greymouse, Marisa Wiman and Kelvin Davis.

VA Academy Audio Sessions

Are Chatbots Meeting Expectations? | Episode 11

So what is the real score for this technology? Are your expectations aligned with its reality?

More importantly, how can we approach this in order for it to help us reach our business goals?

When Chatbot Meets Live Chats | Episode 10

How do Chatbots integrate with live chats? And how do they make online business a lot simpler and cheaper than ever before?

Is Outsourcing Industry Under Threat From Chatbots? | Episode 9

Has the popularity of Chatbots deemed as a threat to the outsourcing industry?

On this episode Marisa Wiman, talks about the latest trend in the Outsourcing industry – artificial intelligence or AI.

Growing Your Virtual Team | Episode 8

Make your VA a part of your business success by planning your expansion based on the top-notch talent you can secure online.

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