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Greymouse Newsletter for December

Published by: Greymouse Marketing | 4 January, 2022

As the year 2021 closes, we look back on the important events and celebrations we had in December before we welcome the upcoming year of 2022.

What your customers say about you is an essential guide in your decision making and it can also influence changes in what you are offering. This is also important in maintaining customer satisfaction. 

Before we end the year, we would like to celebrate our employees’ loyalty and hard work for years with Greymouse.

Of course, we wouldn’t miss out on the birthdays we had for the month of December!

We are finally at the end of the year 2021! Here are some of the celebrations we had in Greymouse for this month.

We celebrated the birthday of an amazing person who is the epitome of humility and respect, Kelvin Davis.

You are an asset given by above to humanity and by the reason of your birthday, the world has come to rejoice at the impact you have made in many lives. You are loaded with so much wisdom and knowledge and we are always grateful for your motivation to always share it with us.

Happy birthday to you!

“Get ready to start the magical journey of parenthood “

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Darwin Buelo.

We wish you a lifetime of happiness! Parenthood is a life-changing phase.

May you cherish each and every moment of it with your baby, Theodore Monti.

Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly Merry Christmas!

We would like to thank all our clients as we wish them Merry Christmas.
Your presence has been really special for us and we are glad you gave us a chance to serve you.

Merry Christmas from Greymouse Family!

The Fji team had a great Christmas party!

We appreciate everyone in the team that worked so hard during a difficult year. Thank you to our clients for supporting us!

The Philippines office was popping with garland! The team made it a December to Remember!

We appreciate everyone in the team that worked so hard during a difficult year. Thank you to our clients for supporting us.

Only a few team members were able to join as the team still continues to work from home but the night was still filled with merry-making as the team celebrated their Christmas party! There’s nothing like celebrating the holidays with your team!

Cheers to a New Year & Merry Christmas to you, everyone!

As we are ready to say goodbye to 2021 and welcome 2022, Greymouse would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support. 2021 was a year full of challenges impacting us both personally and professionally, testing us in more than one way.

It also provided us with an opportunity and helped us emerge as better human beings & empathetic leaders and stronger together as we navigated through this unprecedented crisis. It’s the toughest year for humanity and our sympathy for those who lost their loved ones, who lost their jobs or businesses, either fully or partially. We bet there are growth stories as well during the challenging year 2021.

Despite this year’s challenges, we could see more people open to helping each other, encouraging and supporting like a family.

Thank you to our team for their dedication to the vision of our company and your hard work day in and day out. Thank you to our past, current, and future clients, for their trust in us. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you. Thank YOU for your support.

Here’s to a NEW YEAR and a new chapter in our story!

Thank you to our dear clients for recognizing the hard work and efforts we have made that contributed to your business’ growth and success!

Because of stress and changes that we have to adjust to, we oftentimes lean on so many ways to make our minds feel better.

Try the tips to help you be happier, more in control, and able to cope better with life’s ups and downs.

Elvie Greymouse Web Developer

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