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How To Motivate Your Virtual Workforce

Published by: Marisa Wiman | 13 June, 2017

Having virtual teams work under you is a unique opportunity to not only grow your business but also connect with people in different cultures. The truth is, the elements of employment remains the same – you train for skill, you aim for professional development, you want retention. Perhaps what makes dealing with remote workers different is the distance and the technology that is between you and your human capital. Because of that you need to “compensate” for the lack of physical reach. How to motivate your online team in this kind of arrangement?

Communicate as much as you can

Thanks to technology, calling your virtual assistant anywhere in the world is easy, clear and cheap. Abuse this to your advantage. Get every opportunity to talk to your VA – ask what she needs from you, what are your urgent tasks for her, the things you want her to know to improve workflow, perhaps give some feedback on her work, or you can also ask for her concerns and inquiries.

The more you talk to your virtual employees the smoother your relationship become. You also make them more comfortable taking with you. Communication barriers need to be addressed if you want an effective virtual team supporting your business.

Spot your VA’s talent and then utilise and develop

Always be observant of the skills and competencies of your VA. Do you find her writing good? Let her write content for you! Is he good with graphics? Let him be more creative with your Facebook Page. In other words, support the passion of your people and use that to improve your business.

Seek to know more about what they can do, their inclinations, and their talents (other than what they are already doing for you). The more you utilise them the better they feel about their job. Want to know a secret? Support their skill set! Give them training, enrol them to online courses, give them space to grow into their talents and passions. Do that and you will see how people add value to their work as a response to positive support.

Set milestones

Do not allow your virtual workforce to settle in the stale repetition of their daily tasks. Give them some milestones they can look forward to. Set goals of answered calls and celebrate when they reach it. Broadcast achieved sales targets through a corporate email.

There is something about looking forward into the future, there is something special about completion and closing a chapter in one’s professional run. Give that to your online talents with achievable, measurable milestones.

Allow them to be part of something bigger than their tasks

Do not miss telling stories about your business, your organizational history, why you are doing what you are doing. The more your talents see how they are contributing to the big picture, the better! Explain the services you provide, how it is helping people, possibly how it is changing people’s lives.

Give your virtual workforce reasons to do better at work. Let them see how they are making a difference!

Motivating your online talents is not only about higher efficiency and better profits. It is also about working in an environment of support, belongingness, and longevity. Nothing compares to a closely knit organization. Achieving this feat is more noteworthy when your employees is halfway around the globe.