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Greymouse Newsletter for October

Published by: Greymouse Marketing | 1 November, 2021

Before we welcome a new month full of hope and great things, let’s take a look back on our October events and celebrations.

The vision and values of your company are important business elements for your strategic growth and success. These act as your roadmap to achieving your business goals.

Greymouse celebrated another year of service for our dedicated and loyal team members.

We had a lot of birthday celebrants for this month! Greymouse wishes them more happiness and blessing as they get through another year!

Greymouse is truly grateful that we are able to celebrate as we navigate through the challenges and achievements we had this month!

Fiji celebrates 51 years of Independence as a nation.
We would like to wish our Fiji team and all Fijians, a very happy Fiji Day.
It’s Pinktober— Greymouse Fiji ends their first week of working in the office by creating a special day in honour of breast cancer awareness month by wearing pink and generosity with donations.
Finally, after many, many months, there is light ahead, and we’re so excited🎉🎉 to welcome Greymouse Fiji back to the office. We are super excited to meet everyone in person.

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