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The Best Virtual Assistant: Freelancer or Office Based?

Published by: Marisa Wiman | 23 June, 2017

Virtual assistant is the new superstar of many modern organisations today. Through the years VAs have shown their worth in providing better and timely services for their clients. There are actually two types of Virtual Assistants. The freelancer, often a home-based online professional, and the office-based, someone who is working under a company and housed in a facility with other online assistants.

Which should you hire? If you have been working with a freelance VA for a long time now, then it is best to stick with that talent. If you are happy with the service and performance, why change? That simply means you found someone really special to help you grow your business. However, if you are just thinking about hiring a VA now you need to read this.

Redundancy plans

There will be times when your Virtual Assistant gets sick or have a very important personal matter to attend to. More often than not these are the times you really need someone manning your phones or getting tasks done ASAP. The good thing about contracting a VA from a company is having the support you need if situations demand it.

BPO companies have redundancy plans set in place. They can have someone take over your VA’s tasks giving you control of a seemingly desperate situation. Sure, there will be some adjustments but the important thing is that your business is not paralysed.

Internet and power issues

If you have been around contracting Virtual Assistant for a long time you will agree to the fact that the most chronic issues of online professionals in the Asia Pacific region is either intermittent Internet connection or power outage. This can really hurt your VA’s productivity and your business. Freelancers are hardest hit by this chronic problem and you really cannot do anything about it. For a business owner who needs people on the phone all the time, this could be a huge problem.

For office-based VA’s, Internet connection issues is an anticipated problem. Most BPO offices have multiple ISP’s allowing their people to be always connected to the Internet. You do not have to worry about losing contact with your VA.

BPO companies also have power generators in their facilities with enough capacity to provide electricity for computers, servers, and air-conditioning. Even if there is an elongated power outage you can be sure that your VA is online, giving your business the attention it deserves.

Training and the latest technology

Freelancers have the tendency to settle and upgrade their skills only when their employers demand it from them. While this is not true for every freelancer out there, this is very common. Engaging with a virtual professional that is under a BPO company means you are hiring someone well trained with the latest technology in VA work. This can be a huge plus for your business especially if you are just starting out in your industry.

Comparing VA’s that are home or office based gives you a better picture of the common issues of hiring a virtual staff. More than a skill issue is the ability of the remote professional to deliver services when inevitable situations arise. You need to have someone who has a back-up plan when the power is out or the Internet is down. Secure your business operation by getting Virtual Assistants who are always available when you need them.