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A Day In The Life Of Roxanne, SimPRO QA Tester

Published by: Greymouse Marketing | 22 February, 2022

QA Tester plays a challenging, yet specialized role in the software development cycle. They provide a distinct purpose in product delivery and quality from start to finish.

“You have to grow inside and out.”

What goes behind the promise of most software development vendors when they tell everyone that they can provide high-quality software? How is it possible and how much would it take for it to be achieved? This is where having a Quality Assistance Tester is valuable in the team. Aside from it can amp up the reputation in such an extremely competitive digital market, it also keeps you up with customer demands and helps with product security— of course, no one wants their information to get leaked online.

Greymouse strongly believes that is it crucial to maintain privacy in the data and work provided by their clients. For this reason, clients can experience high-quality services without the expense of leaking information, data and work that is provided by the client. This makes Greymouse, Australia’s most trusted outsourcing provider in the Philippines and Fiji.

Roxanne has been a QA Tester for simPRO for four years. She started as part of the RRC Squad and moved to Project Squad before becoming a part of the Mobile Squad for two years. A typical day on her job starts with a standup meeting and discussion on what should be done for a day. This also involves checking in on what’s causing any issues at work and communicating with the other team members as well as their team leader— which she considers very important. Her role in the Mobile Squad consists of the following:

Creating test cycles
Executing test cases
Recording test results
Logging defects daily
TCI Design and writing feature files for new features
Participating in Sprint Pre-Planning, Planning, Tech Reviews and Retro on fortnights
Testing P3 Tickets when bugs are reported and need urgent fixing

She considers her participation in the team as the best part is working at Greymouse. “I really love the fact that we are learning new things every day. It may be challenging but it adds up to my skills and knowledge and I look forward to it every day.” Roxanne explained. She doesn’t have a mantra before starting work but she does consider her family and her teammates as her motivation to work hard. “The most important characteristics you should have when working is being able to work in a team and being able to collaborate with them. Especially since in our line of work (Quality Assurance), it’s very vital to ask questions. You are testing and creating products that represent the company so it’s okay to ask when in doubt.” Roxanne refers to hard work as one of her secrets to success. “It leads to a lot of things like respect, success, growth and even self-satisfaction.” She adds.

Roxanne has been working from home since March 2019 since COVID started to worsen. She is very grateful to Greymouse and her client for allowing her and other team members to work from home. She is grateful for the careful consideration Greymouse has implemented for their team’s safety during the COVID outbreak. The company allowed the team to work from home, settled their internet fee as well as provided the equipment needed for the set-up. She is also grateful that their client supported them throughout.

Having been able to gain both hard and soft skills are also essential. Roxanne pointed out that being keen and precise, analytical and having excellent communication skills will help you go a long way. “Whenever I have to come up with decisions, I first analyse the problem then create a layout out of it. That’s where my options are laid out which will eventually help with me finalising my decision. I also would like to think that whenever something does not go your way— which leads to workplace disappointment, will surely give you a new perspective.” After all, she adds, when you gain experience and additional skills during work, it gives you an edge.

When asked what she expects with Greymouse in the future, she quickly replies with “I see Greymouse continuing with providing clients with the best service they could offer. Having the expertise gained within sixteen years and having an unbeatable team of experts in many outsourcing aspects will help Greymouse stay on top of the game.”

“Winners never quit and quitters never win and the world belongs to the energetic”