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7 Hard Truths Why You Need Outsourcing In Your Business

Published by: Marisa Wiman | 30 October, 2018

Quick question: When was the last time you actually spent quality time for yourself or with your family? If you can’t remember, then it’s more likely you’re overwhelmed managing your business.

One of the reasons why Kelvin and I chose the outsourcing business is because we know how hard it is to be a business owner. Business owners never envisioned their lives as feeling helpless; with an overflowing inbox, endless phone calls, taxes that are due in a week, payroll concerns, and tasks that just keep on piling up.

Here are the 7 HARD TRUTHS why you need OUTSOURCING in your business:

  1. You’re stuck with the mundane and ‘no-brainer’ tasks. Your ears have burnt marks because you were on the phone all day, setting appointments and making follow-ups. Or you were busy printing and filing the documents you need. You are doing 90% admin/technician role, and 10% decision-maker role. It’s all YOU. Outsourcing tedious tasks that need to be done gives you ample time to focus more on your organisation’s main goals which will contribute to your company’s success.
  2. Your holiday plan remains a plan. Or more particularly, you haven’t had a holiday in ages — like a real no-work, no-emailing-my-clients holiday. Bringing in a virtual assistant can free up time so that you can devote your full attention to every project. You’ll now have extra time to make your plans into reality.
  3. Your social media is tragic. It is proven that your social media profiles serve as the bridge to your prospects and customers. So what if your social media account has only 2 photos – the profile picture and the cover. Your latest update was 6 months ago and you only have 5 Facebook followers. But if you have a virtual creative team that will boost up and monitor your social media accounts, you’ll be surprised not only with the increased engagement but also with the number of followers and social shares.
  4. You don’t have time for your family. Your kids don’t bug you to watch the latest sci-fi movie anymore because they got used to your “I’m busy, maybe next time” auto-reply. No date nights with your spouse or get-together with your friends. Choosing the right kind of outsourcing company will free you from heavy loads of work. You’ll even have extra time to do things that you love — traveling, photography or just plain hanging out with your friends or family.
  5. The psychological pressure to close sales is intense. You know you haven’t been focused on generating leads and closing sales because you were busy with other tasks. You know this month’s sales is not your best. Even customer satisfaction is out of reach. But by picking a reliable and responsible outsourcing company, you will be assured that work gets done and sales go up.
  6. The tasks are beyond you. The client requires a specific skill-set that you or your talents don’t have. You can seek the service of outsourcing provider as they can provide highly-skilled candidates who possess positive work ethics. Hiring the perfect workforce for the job is now easier through outsourcing companies.
  7. Your budget is tight. You want to hire an expert on an hourly basis but your current budget is way lower than the onshore wage base. But by delegating certain company’s functions such as marketing, accounting and bookkeeping, IT support and human resource management to outsourcing services provider, will not only help you cut your operational expenses but increase business profit as well.

If you want to grow your business at the same time save on costs, outsourcing is your best solution. It will allow you to focus on doing what you do best.