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Today’s pressing challenge in business is differentiation. With the reality of global commerce setting in and mobile Internet fueling the borderless economy, companies need to stand out. Organizations need to have what it takes to attract and retain tech-driven, global consumers.

Greymouse understands the new era of business marketing. With a dynamic team driven by experience and expertise we can get your business on the fast lane – and keep it there.

Greymouse Marketing has experienced professionals that understand the value of a compelling business identity. From web development to branding, right down to social media management, we are on it.

Greymouse Marketing provides top-notch off-shore services:

What We Offer


Financial management is at the core of every growing business. While it is vital, it also has heavy human resource requirements.

Greymouse Accounting can take care of the tedious tasks without compromising the operation of your business. We have a whole team of financial professionals dedicated to do the legwork for your corporate accounting.

You focus on business expansion, we make sure payments are collected, payroll are given out. Greymouse essentially spares you from mundane, repetitive tasks while affording you the ability to seize opportunities for your business.

Greymouse Accounting offers the following off-shore services:

What We Offer


Businesses grow relative to their ability to manage customers. Positive growth can be a choking hazard for companies that are caught off-guard by the influx of new business.

Greymouse Virtual Assistants can help businesses augment their overwhelmed human resources and allow it to virtually carry on with its operations, minus the downtime for hiring and training. Businesses can tell us what they need and we provide the people to keep their business moving forward.

Greymouse has a roster of highly effective and experienced VA’s. Calls are taken, customers are ushered in the pipeline, and the business improves its bottomline. With our VA’s extensive industry experience, Greymouse can help support the rapid growth of your business.


Businesses are bound to expand. This is a milestone that opens up new possibilities for companies. However the work that comes with it can prove to be too much. But what if expansions are managed by an off-shore service provider?

A Greymouse Virtual Branch allows businesses to remotely expand their business without having to deal with the time-consuming process. Recruitment, selection, staffing and office management are all done remotely. Companies can have a new, fully staffed virtual office tailored to its unique needs in a few weeks.

With Greymouse assuming the human resource component of the business, companies can quickly maximize its expanded business capacity.


Businesses are more reliant to IT services today than ever before. The efficiency of a technology company is dependent on the cohesiveness of its computer systems.

Greymouse IT has experienced professionals that can provide expert IT assistance. With a tailored approach for all its clients Greymouse provides cost-efficient solutions for companies of all sizes.

Our IT team works round the clock to ensure all systems are running smoothly. From simple troubleshooting of system issues to safeguarding a business’ online security, Greymouse is sure to consistently deliver.

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