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Nurture Your Family Connection | Happiness Matters

Eating together as a family builds high-quality relationship. Make it a goal to get everyone in the dinner table and nurture your family connection. Be happy. It matters. #HappinessMatters We want to hear from you! Let's connect! Facebook: https:…

Family First | Happiness Matters

No matter how much you want your business to grow, FAMILY should come first. Your family was there to support you when you were just starting up, and they will always be there for you even if things will get rough. Take a break and spend your precio…

Why You Need To Have a Clearly Defined KPI in Outsourcing | GREYMOUSE VA ACADEMY 13

So you've started to delegate tasks to your VA, and you're not satisfied with the results of your his/her work. And now you think you've made a mistake by hiring one. Listen to this episode as Marisa Wiman talks about the importance of having a KPI…

The Struggles in Starting Up A Business | #StruggleIsReal by Marisa Wiman 05

"People think we're crazy. People were ridiculing us." Before she became The Outsourcing Queen, Marisa Wiman had to fight not just against the odds, but the non-believers and naysayers as well. Know more about how she was able to keep going and pus…

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Are Chatbots Meeting Expectations? | Episode 11

So what is the real score for this technology? Are your expectations aligned with its reality?

More importantly, how can we approach this in order for it to help us reach our business goals?

When Chatbot Meets Live Chats | Episode 10

How do Chatbots integrate with live chats? And how do they make online business a lot simpler and cheaper than ever before?

Is Outsourcing Industry Under Threat From Chatbots? | Episode 9

Has the popularity of Chatbots deemed as a threat to the outsourcing industry?

On this episode Marisa Wiman, talks about the latest trend in the Outsourcing industry – artificial intelligence or AI.

Growing Your Virtual Team | Episode 8

Make your VA a part of your business success by planning your expansion based on the top-notch talent you can secure online.

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