Chris Burg’s Story

Published by: Chrizel Luminario | 13 January, 2018

Outsourcing for me was exciting, scary, fun and empowering but ultimately it was necessary in order for me to achieve my dream and vision. The biggest lesson I learnt by taking this journey.

  • You must always know what you want, you must have a vision
  • In the beginning business is very exciting but after years it is very easy for it to turn into a job that you hate. If your business is a job and you’re hating it, either get a new job or take serious action now to change the path you are travelling
  • SYSTEMS are critical to building a business that doesn’t rely on you
  • Letting go of control is scary and uncomfortable but ultimately if you stick to your vision and face this fear you will be rewarded.

Because of the actions I took to embrace outsourcing my present and my future life is incredible.

Still to come, my future is to have kids that I will be there for my children as they grow and develop. I can spend each day with by children, and my wife when and how I want without having to go to work. At the age of 28, this is one of the most exhilarating thoughts for me. Ultimately being free in life is an experience very few people have, but if you are willing to play full out ‘you can be one of these people’.

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 Chris Burg shared his journey on Kel Davis’ book Secret Keys to Business Wealth.

Excerpt from Secret Keys to Business Wealth, Kel Davis

Secret Keys to Business Wealth

Create the Life you Want
by Kel Davis

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Kelvin created a freedom business, one that produces money without consuming the owner’s time. Then he created the same model in his clients business and almost overnight the owners can travel to exotic countries, or take that well-earned rest.