Together, we shall achieve our Vision by using Technologies and Human Resource Skills to deliver a “customer service experience” that enhances professional relationship through communication and trust.

Listening to our client’s needs, we cement an unbreakable bond by continually learning and adapting to ensure our clients’ business success. We will complete our clients’ work on time with accuracy, dedication and personal ownership of the tasks, duties and responsibilities.

Our clients’ delight will come from our consistent and reliable approach to communication by acknowledging, auctioning and responding to all points of contact quickly and efficiently.

Greymouse Culture is based on,


Greymouse gives entrepreneurs and business owners FREEDOM in their lives.
We do this by reducing time pressure on business owners and staff by taking responsibility for accurate delivery of work each and every day. We release the business owner from mundane tasks, leveraging human resources with minimal effort.
Greymouse supplies the “Customer Service Experience” that exceeds world standards, delighting and exciting our clients and turning them into “raving fans”.

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